Augmented Reality, Textile and Surface Design

Designer based in Paris, working worldwide. Exploring and Developing Augmented Reality, Textile and Graphic Design.



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Sun Creative Studio

Design and Creative studio specialized in technology and Graphic Design. We work on a human scale, with a close network of developers, focusing on creativity and innovation to develop custom  projects for our clients, be it a small startup or a leading global company.

Our clients include: Nike, Christian Dior, Hermès, Aigle, Maison Ladurée

What we do

Augmented Reality

developing it from the idea to the final product: Concept, 3D design, animations, UX design and app development.

Graphic Design & Art Direction

With 10+ years of experience working next to the major players on luxury and contemporary fashion we can offer insights, concepts and Graphic design for textile prints and digital campaigns.


7 Rue Saint-Anne 75001 Paris