Augmented Reality, Textile and Surface Design

Design Studio based in Paris, working worldwide. Exploring and Developing Augmented Reality, Textile and Graphic Design.







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Art direction/ illustration

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The Studio

The studio is composed by a  tight knit network of developers, graphic, 3D and motion designers. We work on a human scale to develop custom  projects for our clients, be it a small startup or a leading global company.

Iracema Trevisan  has developed over the years a distinguished and unique language, mixing  art, nature, fashion and technology. The studio is a reflection of that.



What we do:

Augmented Reality, developing it from the idea to the final product, 3D design, animations, app development. what set us apart is the fashion sensibility tied to a deep knowledge of the technologies that are shaping the way we see the world today.

Textile and Graphic design  Tapping on our 10+ years of experience working next to the major players on luxury and contemporary fashion we can offer exclusive research on mood, trends, color cards and final designs for fashion and interiors.


Contact Us

Sun Creative Studio

8 Rue Saint Marc 75002

We are represented by La Baraque in France and IBIC in China.

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