Augmented Reality, Textile and Surface Design

Designer based in Paris, working worldwide. Exploring and Developing Augmented Reality, Textile and Graphic Design.



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Iracema Trevisan is a Designer based in Paris, doing Augmented Reality, Textile and graphic Design.

Born in Brazil, she studied fashion design and started her career working next to Alexander Herchcovitch in São Paulo. Parallel to fashion she founded a music group, CSS, in 2003. It started as an art collective, putting together music, video and art, it soon gathered a large following worldwide, releasing a record with Sub Pop in 2006.

After several tours around the world she switched back to fashion, moving to Paris in 2008. She Graduated from IFM and went on to work as a print and textile designer for prestigious fashion houses. most notably kenzo, where between 2011 and 2015 she contributed to the successful re-invention of the brand. she also released a line of scarves, Heart Heart Heart .

In 2018 she decided to move her creative focus to technology, founding SUN CREATIVE STUDIO.
the studio specializes in the intersection of creativity and technology, developing projects using Augmented Reality for the fashion and beauty industries that allows products or campaigns to take a new life.

Iracema developed over the years an unique style, blending nature and the digital in a poetic way. Her work is deeply inspired by Brazilian culture, its nature, colors and its penchant for the surreal. It navigates in the intersection of the wild and the Urbane, claiming nature’s space back in to our lives.

About Sun Creative Studio

We work on a human scale, with a close network of developers, focusing on creativity and innovation to develop custom  projects for our clients, be it a small startup or a leading global company.

Some of our recent projects include: Nike, Christian Dior, Hermès, Aigle, Maison Ladurée

What we do

Augmented Reality

developing it from the idea to the final product: Concept, 3D design, animations, ux design and app development.

Graphic design & Art Direction

With 10+ years of experience working next to the major players on luxury and contemporary fashion we can offer insights, concepts and Graphic design for textile prints and digital campaigns.



Contact Us

Sun Creative Studio

6 Rue Saint anne 75001 Paris

We are represented by La Baraque in France and IBIC in China.

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