The Studio


SUN Creative Studio  is  a tight knit network of developers, graphic, 3D and motion designers. We work on a human scale to develop custom  projects for our clients, be it a small startup or a leading global company.


What we do:

The Studio specializes on Augmented Reality, developing it from the idea to the final product, 3D design, animations, app development. what set us apart is the fashion sensibility and a deep knowledge of the technologies that are shaping the way we see the world today.

We also do Textile and Graphic design for a number of international clients. Tapping on our 10+ years of experience working next to the major players on luxury and contemporary fashion we can offer exclusive research on mood, trends, color cards and final designs for fashion and interiors.



Iracema Trevisan was born in Brazil,  she lived in São Paulo and started her career in fashion there as the assistant to Alexandre Herchcovitch between 2001 and 2005.

In parallel to this first experience she founded CSS, a pop/punk (mostly) girls band. CSS worked as an art collective, putting together its own music, fashion, art, communication, capturing the diy spirit of são paulo underground. it gathered a large following worldwide. Thanks to the Internet sharing culture born at that time, css could reach audiences worldwide, and they became an international act, touring the world between 2006 and 2008.

Switching back from music to Fashion she moved to Paris in 2008, attended the IFM and went on to work for established french houses, most notably KENZO, where she was the head of textiles and prints for 4 years. At Kenzo she participated in the rebirth of the brand and created many of the iconic prints the brand got to be known for.

At the same time she developed her brand, Heart Heart Heart, that became a laboratory for ideas, and is sold in prestigious retailers worldwide. In 2016 she launched the first Augmented Reality feature on textiles.

In 2015 she started her studio, working first on textile design projects for international brands like Nike, Christian Dior, later adding digital projects for Hermès, Dolce & Gabbanna and others.